Mangal Pandey Birth Anniversary – 19th July

Mangal Pandey Birth Anniversary

• Mangal Pandey was born on 19th July 1827 in a Brahmin family at Nagwa in Uttar Pradesh.
• Pandey is a famous freedom fighter who gave his life to release India from British Raj.
• Pandey had joined East India Company’s Army in the year 1849.
• Pandey also played a key role in the Revolt of 1857 which is also known as the first war of Indian Independence. Pandey is known for ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ of 1857.
• A new Enfield Rifle was introduced in India and the cartridge was rumored to be greased (oil) with animal fat primarily from pigs and cows.
• To use the rifle, the soldiers would have to bite off the ends of greased cartridges to load the weapon.This was against the religious beliefs of the Indian Soldiers and it angered them.
• It led to a mass revolt against the British colonial rulers.
• Mangal Pandey dared to refuse to use the cartridges with animal grease, causing the British to order his weapons and army uniform to be seized.
• When Major Hewson proceeded to take away his rifle, Mangal killed him and escaped from there.
• On April 6, Pandey was produced before a court that on April 18 sentenced him to death.
• But soon, many gathered in support of Mangal Pandey and a fearful British army hanged him to death 10 days in advance on April 8, 1857.
• The huge revolt forced the British to reorganize the army and introduce new rules through the passage of the Government of India Act 1858.
• A commemorative postage stamp with his image on it was issued by the Indian government in 1984.
• A park named Shaheed Mangal Pandey MahaUdyan has been set up at Barrackpore to commemorate the place where Pandey attacked British officers and was subsequently hanged.
• In addition, a movie and stage play that depicted his life both appeared in 2005.


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