International Midwives’ Day – 5th May

International Midwives' Day

• International Day of the Midwife is observed globally on 5 May every year since 1992. This day is celebrated to recognize the work of midwives and raise awareness about the status of midwives for the essential care they provide to mothers and their newborns.
• Midwives are very vital to women during pregnancy, labor, and child birth and even during the post-delivery period. Indeed, the role of midwives is not only incredible but also incomparable. For this reason, May 5th was set aside as International Midwives’ Day to celebrate professionals in midwifery and their work skills. This day is also popularly known as the International Day of the Midwife or National Midwife Day.
• The idea of having a celebration to honor midwives was reached in 1987 during the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) conference held in the Netherlands.
• The first International Midwives’ Day was observed on 5th May 1991 under the theme “Towards safe birth for all by the year 2000”. Since then, the day has been celebrated yearly, and the ICM comes up with a campaign theme every year aimed at promoting the midwifery profession.
• Today, the International Midwives’ Day is observed in more than 50 countries across the globe.
• A midwife is a professional trained to take care of women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery and after the baby is born. Midwives work from birthing centers, homes and sometimes in hospitals.
• Most women, who want childbirth that is very natural and with minimal medical intervention, always prefer the services of a midwife, however, women who might have complicated pregnancies or expecting multiples, doctors do not recommend the services of a midwife.
• The theme for International Day of the Midwife 2021 is “Follow the Data: Invest in Midwives.” ICM looks forward to coming together as a global midwife community to advocate for investment in quality midwifery care around the world, improving sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn, child and adolescent health in the process.

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