International Self Care Day – 24th July

International Self Care Day

• International Self Care Day is celebrated every year on 24th July.
• International Self-Care Day is an annual day of awareness declared by the International Self-Care Foundation.
• Self-Care Day represents the benefits of practising self-care 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week.
• Self-Care Day provides a focus and opportunity to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle self-care programmes around the world.
• International Self-Care Day has been running since 2011.
• Self-Care Day provides a media-friendly forum and a focus for individuals and groups to (independently) promote self-care in their organisation or community.
• International Self-Care Foundation proposes a framework for self-care which can conveniently be visualized and organised around seven ‘pillars’ or ‘domains’:
1- Health literacy – includes: the capacity of individuals to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions
2- Self-awareness of physical and mental condition – includes: knowing your body mass index (BMI), cholesterol level, blood pressure; engaging in health screening.
3- Physical activity – practising moderate-intensity physical activity such as walking, cycling, or participating in sports at a desirable frequency.
4- Healthy eating – includes: having a nutritious, balanced diet with appropriate levels of calorie intake.
5- Risk avoidance or mitigation – includes: quitting tobacco, limiting alcohol use, getting vaccinated, using sunscreens.
6- Good hygiene – includes: washing hands regularly, brushing teeth, washing food.
7- Rational and responsible use of products, services, diagnostics and medicines – includes: being aware of dangers, using responsibly when necessary


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