30 November – National Computer Security Day

National Computer Security Day

Significance of National Computer Security Day
National Computer Security Day demands our attention every November 30 because cyber security affects everything from where we bank and how we spend our money to whom we elect to public office.

It’s important to review your computer’s security on a regular basis. If you use social media, it’s a good time to review your settings. Social media is another way identity thieves, viruses and computer fraud are committed.

Aim of National Computer Security Day
National Computer Security Day is observed globally on 30th November every year. The day is celebrated to raise awareness, promote prevention and treatment and produce action to combat Cybercrimes.

Precautions to secure data
Always try to Enable Windows Update.Install and keep running antivirus software.Turn on Windows Firewall. Keep all software updated. Always use strong passwords. Don’t share passwords and don’t write them down. Remove unused programs. Secure your wireless network. Backup critical data.Use caution when browsing the Internet. Best of luck.

History of National Computer Security Day
This day was introduced back in 1988, a year Cornell University researchers uncovered an unknown virus lurking around in their computer systems. The day serves as an important reminder to focus on strengthening the security of our electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and other smart devices.

National Computer Security Day is designed to raise awareness about cyber security issues. It also helps people maintain online security. For example, many people reuse passwords, but a fair number of those individuals may not know that reusing passwords means that a hacker is more likely to gain access to their credit card number than otherwise. Taking the time to review password security best practices can help individuals avoid compromised credit cards and other unwanted scenarios.

The National Computer Security Day sprang out of the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group on Security, Audit, and Control as a way to raise awareness about cybercrimes and viruses.

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